Some Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you are enjoying our web site and that it has given you a good sense of what
we have to offer. Still have some questions? Following are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. We're always happy to answer any
concerns you may have.


 How many bedrooms and beds are available?
Each of our 3 new cottages has 2 bedrooms and 3 beds with a pullout in the living room.

 Are the cottages located near water?
The Christena, Julia Raye and Bay View Cottages are practically on the beach.

 What are the size of the cottages and the property?
The Christena, Julia Raye and Bay View Cottages are situated on a 90 acre property.

 Do you use any fertilizers or pesticides that can harm me or my family?
Having children of our own, we have always been very conscientious about the application of harmful chemicals and have not allowed the use of any non-organic materials anywhere at Reid's Sunset Beach Cottages. Guests can take comfort that there will be no threat to their health.

 How far is the nearest town or city center?
Our own rural seaside community of
River John is only 5 minutes away. The town of Pictou and the village of Tatamagouche are 20 minutes away, in opposite directions on Route 6. Our area's largest town, New Glasgow, is about 45 minutes east.

 How far is the grocery store, supply store?  
Supplies can be purchased at the ValueFoods grocery store or two other corner stores in River John. You will also find a liquor store, a drug store, pizza shops, gas station and Chinese restaurant.

 How does one access the cottages: by road, boat, other?  
You will drive to all the cottages which have ample parking areas at each.

 What is the "neighbourhood" like: secluded, populated, safe for children?  
The immediate neighbourhood is a combination of seasonal cottages, year-round homes and farmland. The Cape John Peninsula is approximately 8 km long and 2 km wide. The area is quite peaceful and very friendly.

 Does cellular phone coverage extend to the area?


 Is the water warm enough to swim?
Yes, the water is "the warmest salt water north of the Carolinas". 

 When are the waters rough? 
Rough water can be experienced in stormy conditions however, that type of weather pattern is usually limited to the late fall or early spring seasons.

 When are mosquitoes and black flies most abundant? 
Mosquitoes are a part of shore life from June through September. Black flies are usually gone by the end of June. 

 Is it cheaper to rent at other times of the year?
Rates vary depending on the time of year. Please refer to the Rates & Specials page for specific details.

 What clothing should you pack? 
You will be comfortable in jeans or shorts and light tops. A sweater will be appropriate for the evenings in the spring and fall but rarely during the summer.

 Do weather conditions drastically change from morning to night? 
Being an ocean setting weather can change but it is normally very comfortable during the season.


 Is the kitchen equipped with appliances, pots and pans, plates and cutlery?
Yes, kitchens come fully equipped with all of the conveniences needed to provide for a family.

 What about cooking supplies: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard? 
We stock the kitchens with salt and pepper plus coffee filters for your convenience but other food and cooking supplies are the responsibility of the guest.

 Should you bring bottled water? 
It is not necessary. Our water is from private wells on the properties and is regularly tested. Health certificates are issued for safety and quality.

 What about linen and towel supplies? 
All bed linens, kitchen towels and bath towels are supplied. Beach towels and beach blankets are not supplied and are the responsibility of the guest. Guests are requested not to take their cottage's bath towels or blankets to the beach.

 Is there a bathroom or outhouse? 
There is a full 4 piece bathroom in each cottage except Farm House cottage where you will find two full and one half bath.  

 Are heating, air conditioning, electricity, telephone, TV, VCR available?
In the Farm House Cottage there is a forced air furnace, supplemental baseboard heating in all rooms and a fireplace. There are ceiling fans in Cape, Christena, Julia Raye and Bayview Cottages. There is a telephone (long distance and pay-per-use charges not included), a TV/VCR with satellite service and a stereo Radio/Cassette/CD player.

 Is there a BBQ: propane or charcoal?
Yes, there is a propane Bar-B-Que at each cottage.

 Is firewood supplied?

 Is there a washer and dryer or clothesline at the cottage? Laundromat?
There is a washing machine and electric dryer in the Farm House Cottage and a washing machine in the Cape Cottage. There are also convenient clothes lines at each cottage. There is also a laundromat in both Pictou and Tatamagouche.

 Are board games provided for rainy days?
There is a limited supply but it is wise for the cottager to provide their own personal entertainment.  

 Can I retrieve my e-mail?
Yes, dial up internet access is available. There is no extra cost for this service as long as you can dial either a local or a toll free access number. We can provide a local access number for Sympatico customers. For non-Sympatico customers, it may be possible for you to access your Internet Service Provider through a toll free number. Check with your ISP before leaving for Sunset Beach Cottages.

Local Area

 What can you do in the area?
There are a number of activities within a short drive. Please see Our Area page for information and links to things to do and see. Contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.  

 Is there a tourist information centre nearby? 
There is a seasonal information centre in River John and year-round Provincial centres in Pictou and Amherst. We will also stock the cottages with all sorts of local and regional information which you can review on your arrival

 How likely are you to see wildlife in the area? 
There is lots of interesting wildlife. We regularly see deer. There are numerous sea birds including gulls, loons and even eagles. You will also find many other birds such as pheasant, woodpeckers, and owls.

 What is the view like: can you see the sunrise or sunset from the deck?
The views from any of the cottages provide great scenes of John Bay and the Northumberland Strait (it is called Sunset Beach after all). On the horizon you will see Prince Edward Island. Both the sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed from each cottage and, on clear nights the stars will dazzle you.

 Is outdoor furniture supplied for the deck?
Yes. There are chairs plus a picnic table and a gas BBQ at each cottage for your use.  


 What is the rental cost per week?
Rates are expressed in Canadian Dollars and vary during the seasons and by cottage. Please see our Rates & Specials page for details.

 How is the rate determined (number of guests or flat weekly rate)?  
The 4 cottages' rates are based on four persons staying. The rate for additional guests is $10/night.

 What type of payment is required: credit cards, cheques, money order?
We accept cheques, money orders, bank transfers or cash. Make payable to Sunset Beach Cottages.

 Is a security deposit required?
Confirmation of a reservation requires a $200.00 deposit made payable to: Sunset Beach Cottages,
82 River John Road, RR# 3, River John, NS B0K 1N0

 What if I have to cancel my cottage reservation? 
Depending on the length of time you cancel before your arrival date we shall refund all or part of the rental amount. Please see our terms and cancellation policy on our Rates & Specials page.

 Is there an additional cleaning fee?  
No. The only thing that we ask our guests is please leave the cottage in an orderly fashion for the comfort of the next guests. 

 Are there extra costs for the use of the phone?
There is no charge for local calls. Toll free 800, 866 and 877 numbers can be dialed without charge as well. Long distance dialing, 1-900 numbers, incoming collect calls and third party billing is blocked on the line. To make a long distance call you will be required to call a toll free 1-800 number (which will be supplied) and pay for the call using a "Calling Card" from your own telephone company. Another option is for the guest to use a prepaid long distance card which will again, be accessed through a toll free 1-800 number. Other charges levied by Aliant Telecom for its pay-per-use features such as directory assistance is a cost that will be charged to the guest.


 Is there boat access directly on the property?
Apart from launching a small craft like a canoe or kayak, no. Boaters can launch their own craft at the Cape John wharf across the road from Cape Cottage

 Is there access to a dock for larger boats?
Yes, at the aforementioned facility. 
 What types of boats are available from Sunset Beach Cottages?
None, but cottagers are welcome to bring their own.  

 Does a nearby outfitter rent boats?
Yes, for local use.

 Are there any watercraft restrictions? 


 Is there a beach on the property, is it safe for swimming, diving.
The shoreline directly in front of all cottages is a sandy shoreline, easily accessible and great for long walks. There are also long sandy beaches at Rushton and Malagash which are short drives from River John.

 Is the water shallow or deep? 
The water at the beach is shallow and an easy swim. It is "the warmest salt water north of the Carolinas".

 Is the beach safe for novice swimmers and children? 
Yes, but of course for safety, we recommend that you never swim alone.

 Is swimming equipment supplied: life jackets, floating mattresses, etc?
No, these are the responsibility of the cottagers.

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